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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Q Magazine

Hello, all you wonderful queers! An all-star group of leaders on campus is starting a magazine called Q that will be the first queer lifestyle magazine on campus. The magazine will serve as a forum to explore the wide-range of queer experiences at Yale. Q will celebrate both the alterity and similarity of the queer experience at Yale through the documentation of queer student lifestyles, practices, and identities, at once establishing the legitimacy of the queer community on campus and, at the same time, forging new common ground between the LGBTQ community and the Yale community at large.

If you are interested in writing or getting involved with the magazine in any way, I encourage you to email me at kate.parker@yale.edu and/or come to our meeting this Wednesday, September 15 at 8:30pm in the Davenport Common room. All are welcome.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Come on young'uns

As much as its super fun for me and Freddie to dominate the blog, this is getting a little silly. It's camp Yale people! Didn't anyone get into trouble????

On Monday, I started my Americorp fellowship at Row NY, a nonprofit that runs a competitive girls program for NYC high school girls. My overwhelmingly descriptive official title is 'Program Assistant' but really, I'm an assistant coach for the novices and I'm working with the academic and college prep component of the program as well.

I'm sure you'll all hear this a million times but for its true and I've learned it the fun and easy way these past two days: Do what you love, preferably with other people who are doing what they love.

Am I a little worried about burn out because I'm so frickin excited about everything (my desk, the crappy lake we row on, the erg room, delicious free lunch, crosswords and trivia night at the bar in the next block, making the girls crossfit, sending some of them to yale,.....) ? Yeah. I'm a little worried about it. But I think I'll be okay because at worst I will be happy-burnt out.

Now that I've got a regular schedule I can also go back to focusing on doing things regularly with my time. like training. and applying to divinity school. And once I settle in I can finally pick amongst the several people I could possibly be pursuing romantically. And at the very least NYC has a sizable party scene. (Real L Word: Brooklyn, anyone?)

maybe I should track down photos from a play in which I played the bottom in a gay (male) couple opposite a female friend of mine (queerest play EvEr!!) then I would totally have Freddie beat. :p