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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Whole New Bloooooooggggg

Howdy Sappho!

I know that the serve lack of gay-lady blog over your summer has made you sad sad. It has made me sad too. And you know that promise I made to stick around as a creepy grad?! This is me keeping it! However, I'm going to keep it by pointing you to my new blog that I'm keeping for the next two years while I'm teaching chemistry and physics to British school children.

Granted, my blog isn't going to be as super-gay as this one. In fact, it may be minimally gay because this small town where I live seems to be minimally gay (SAD FACE), but sometimes I won't be able to help myself. The gay is bound to ooze out.

I'm obviously going to still check in on the Sappho blog from time to time. I'm not trying to kid myself . . . I miss Yale like crazy. In fact, today, going on facebook feels a little bit like cutting. Just self-inflicted yet voluntary pain. Statuses about how gorgeous the new Morse is or how excited everyone is for all the stuff I used to love . . . especially the YPMB . . . my heart just sinks.

But enough of my weepiness. I love all of you and hope that we meet again someday! Which of course we will.

And don't be too surprised that I write my other blog as "Freddie" too. I like the anonymity it give me to keep the blog secret from anyone I work with so I can write about them :)

So much DYKE LOVE!


<3 Freddie

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