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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where I Find All My Music...and other dead week adventures

Hello hello anyone who is still reading this, or has an RSS feed which conveniently tells you when people post. I'm hanging out in the have still, while most of the underclassmen have moved out and most of the seniors are at Myrtle. I won't lie. It's a smidgen lonely.
Anyway, here are some useful things for people who like new music.

I think I've mentioned VolumeVote.com before. A new song every day and now they're getting ready to beta launch a premium program that you can test (read: download extra music) for free. Sweet!

Every Tuesday is new iTunes music day. If you go in the iTunes store to the free on iTunes section, you'll find usually two or three tracks that are free. Sometimes these are totally rad, like "The uncomfortable truth" by nneka.

Amazon.com also has a ton of free music. And by a ton, I mean thousands upon thousands of free tracks. A lot of them are in the form of indie record label samplers, but you can still find some sweet stuff if you take the time to fish through it.

I'm also a big proponent of signing up for things like eMusic, which will give you 25 free downloads, and then dropping it like its hot after the trial period. Ching!

And of course, sites like pandora.com and meemix.com (for when you play out your free pandora happens- its 40hrs a month)are great for discovering new music you like, though it won't give you free downloads. shucks.


Hanging out in the JE Library by myself, I'm trying to figure out what the appropriate wait period is before I sell back the books people seem to have abandoned here for my own gain. Similarly, I'm curious if I can still use my lunch swipe at Durfee. I could yesterday. That would be totally game changing for the next week and a half.

Happy Summer everybody!!!!!!
: )

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