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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Happy summer everyone! :) Hope you're all having amazing adventures and enjoying life. Summer is just so amazingly happy for me right now. I'm working at an LGBT community center with really cool people - just really fun, full of life, jokey hippies who switch between English and Hebrew sometimes so I don't always understand them, but they're awesome. There are also really great queer women always hanging around, so it's just been great. But the real reason I'm back to the Sappho Blog dropping in is to tell you all how excited I am for my FIRST EVER PRIDE!!

Tomorrow I'm driving with some of the staff to a city an hour away to attend the first of many, many events that are going on throughout the weekends of June and July in Israel (where I'm staying for the summer) that we're attending as a group. I bought my first ever rainbow flag, which I CANNOT wait to wear in some sort of crazy way, but I haven't found any face paint anywhere which is driving me crazy!! Ah I'm like dancing with glee in the streets every time I think about it, and I wanted to share with you all my excitement. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes, and how Tel Aviv's is as well.. that one's gonna be amazing - two entire weeks full of events (altho I won't be there the whole time :[). Continue having kickass queer summers! I hope you all find fellow lesbs wherever you are :)

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