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Monday, March 7, 2011

Traveling Women

So...I'm guessing since we're all on break, digging holes in Peru or becoming reacquainted with sleep, not too many of you are going to be reading this. But what the hell. It'll be a treat after that blistering sunburn and aching back, or muscle atrophy brought on by not leaving bed for two weeks.

After falling asleep after my last midterm, scrambling to force more shit in my overflowing duffle bag (I like to travel light), and having the CT Limo driver yell at me for arriving late/forgetting my reservation number, I was officially en route to JFK. Hello Spring Break! I rolled up around 4:30 AM, and despite having to wait 3 hours for my flight to San Fran, I was on Spring Break and brimming with excitement. When I finally reached the gate, I think part of me was expecting the lights to go down, music to start up, and women to come flooding out in ripped shorts and tank tops. So when I settled in to a mostly empty waiting area (my only companions being a sleeping elderly man and an arguing Indian family), you can imagine my disappointment. Where were all the debauchery seeking college students, or more importantly, gay women? Definitely not there. My fantasy started to fizzle and I ended up joining the snoozing grandpa in a little zzzs. Fast forward to boarding time. I awake to a crowded and active gate. The eldery man is awake as well, now munching on a delicious looking egg sandwich (mmm), and the Indian family has relocated to the counter and seems to now be arguing with the attendant. Hmm...I take in the rest of the crowd. Although I figure I look a bit disheveled and could have recently been drooling/snoring, I'm still looking for prospects. To the left, some guy ogling a woman bending over in line, and to the right, just what I was looking for: a group of girls in torn jeans, flannels, and combat boots (AND carrying guitars. Score!) Sorry but girls playing guitars (hopefully well) = hot. While I might sound incredibly shallow in this entry, I think most can admit to appreciating women on looks alone. The great thing about spotting hot girls while traveling is that even if you don't actually have the pleasure of meeting them, you still can admire.

On this particular day, I have to say I did a whole lot of looking with only some mild flirting, and no real action. While usually I'd have to worry about determining the object of my desire's orientation, transient attractions don't need any real clarification. Whatever her preference, I can look with no concern of future interactions, misunderstandings, etc. If I do end up talking and flirting with a girl, there's usually little chance of it going anywhere, but it does offer a great source of fun while it lasts. For me, being a fantasist (artistically speaking of course), traveling women provide great material. Unlike women you only pass for a moment on the street, those at the airport at your gate and on your flight stay in your midst for a longer, albeit limited, amount of time. You can choose the fantasy or interactive route, or perhaps a combination of the two. If one were to choose the latter route, it's still in a safe and buffered atmosphere for those trying to test out their flirting/gaydar skills. If it takes, you have a good 4 or 5 hours to play, and if it doesn't, it's still only 4 or 5 hours until you never see one another again. Either way, it's a win.

On my trip, I didn't have the pleasure of doing much interaction, mainly because I was still slightly disoriented/sleep deprived, but having even the hope of interaction made up for all the other hassles of traveling. I did have one great moment while waiting at the curb outside arrivals. Just seconds before my mom came to pick me up, I turned to my right and noticed a girl loading her suitcase in the back of a truck. As she closed the tailgate and made her way to the passenger's door, she turned just slightly and we made brief eye contact. She paused before getting in and grinned at me. Then, as soon as it had started, she was gone. Nonetheless, those moments can't help but keep me smiling. It reminds me that even though at Yale and throughout most of the country, we (being gay/bi/curious women) seem to be non-existent or extremely well hidden, every so often a little event takes place that reminds me we are alive and well.

Wishing you all safe and flirtation filled travels :D


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