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Monday, February 22, 2010


Welcome all to the Sappho Blog!

Feel free to look around, read and enjoy.

Through this project, we will attempt to convey a part of the essence of the queer women's community at Yale as best we can. This blog is meant to provide a safe creative space for queer women to talk about what's on their minds. This includes anything, from what we think about a class, to a family situation, sharing a poem, a picture or a song, anything...really.

As a reader, we ask that you treat the posts being shared with utmost respect and appreciation for the writer and the community as a whole. We encourage you to comment on posts, give feedback and share your own stories.
If you are interested in becoming a contributing writer of have comments/questions/suggestions, please e-mail sappho.blog@gmail.com.
With nothing left to say, you are left with the amazing women that make up this beautiful community. May you find wonderful things in their contributions and their view of the world.

Sapphic love from...

The Writers of Sappho Blog


2QT2bStr8 said...
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Azure Ice said...

THX Cikas! Azure sends zir love! and hopes you will join in at her next evening of debauch'ry! Femme Pride e're where:)