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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Men's Section Makes Me Sad

There are many things I’ve wished for throughout my life.

I’ve wished for birthday presents, relationships with crushes, that cute puppy in the pet store, and good food in the dining hall tonight, among other things. Unfortunately, dear Sappho readers, some wishes remain unfulfilled. Sometimes, your relatives will not give you iTunes money, but rather will present you with eclectic tea cozies or nonfiction books. Sometimes, she (or he) just isn’t that into you. And sometimes the dining halls just have to serve “tofu apple crisp,” whatever the hell that’s supposed to be.

And sometimes—who am I kidding, ALL THE FREAKING TIME—the sexy-as-hell men’s jeans you’ve been ogling JUST. DON’T. FIT.

note: not a picture of men's jeans

I used to fit into boy’s clothes, I swear. Until the age of 12, I pretty much refused to wear anything but hand-me-downs from my older guy cousins, as well as whatever clothes I could steal from my brother. With the exception, of course, of an incredibly classy pair of neon floral leggings of which I was particularly fond. I’m super cool, I know. BUT ANYWAY. I loved my boy clothes, is the point.

And then…they came. Boobs. Hips. And an ass that seems determined to define (and stretch out) every single outfit I wear. When I happen to wander the men’s section now, I’m confronted by sad rows of jeans (and shirts) that are simply never going to fit me.

Hope lies in the new trend of “boyfriend” jeans, of which I grabbed a few pairs at Eddie Bauer during their denim sale. They fit like men’s pants, but have extra room in the back (and less room in the front…) for my bod. They may not have an ideal name (“boyfriend”? really?) but they certainly make me happy.

Peeps, have you had this problem with men’s clothes? Or am I not looking in the right place?


Eric said...

I absolutely have that problem. I search far and wide for the right clothes. I guess it depends on body type!

For me, shirts must not be too baggy (for I will look like I am wearing a dress) but not too tight (for they will make my boobs protrude). BUT I do wear a binder. I no longer wear bandages, but a slightly less uncomfortable binding undershirt made especially for folks who want to hide the boobies.

And pants are tough for me to find... I have big hips and ass, and a small frame. Old Navy, surprisingly, has decent and cheap men's pants. I do straight leg or boot cut depending on the color. Lighter jeans accentuate your curves more.

Do you have an Old Navy out there? If you desire more expensive pants, PacSun is also a great place, but, again, I am not sure if that is only on the West Coast. Good luck!

yoshi said...

I think the more you try to dress like a gay boy, the more success you have. I think mens skinny jeans generally fit me, as do hipster pants from urban outfitters and similar. When the pants are "classic" cut, i feel like they look clunky and unflattering. Boys shirts i think fit pretty well if you wear a sports bra, but i suppose that depends on boob size. The only thing i've really found i can't fit into in the boys department is suit jackets. Men's suit pants: fine. vests: fine. The only problem is with the damn jacket and its stupid shoulder pads. I have no solution for that. I look like I stole my dad's suit. Personally, even if you cant always get a great fit, shopping where you're happy is sometimes just a thing you need. And boyfriend jeans are always great if you can find them.

sometimes_will said...

Thanks for the advice, both of you! Even with a sports bra, I still have the boobs problem with men's shirts. I don't mind that so much, since generally I just wear tank tops anyway. But the pants are still an issue. Men's skinny jeans (a la the ones at Urban) generally fit me in the leg but simply won't go over my hips/ass. I've also tried Old Navy, to no avail. The boyfriend jeans are working out pretty well, but I wish I could find skinny men's pants that looked good on me. Ah well. I'll keep trying!

I totally feel that about men's suit jackets, though... I found a women's suit over the summer that's about as non-femme as they come, but I always feel like I'm playing dress-up if I wear an actual men's suit jacket, haha :)