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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome back!

After living in serious queer desert this summer, I couldn't possibly be more excited to be back into to Yale bubble. Seeing obvious queer folks all over campus, and gay couples walking around holding hands still gives me warm fuzzy feelings! Im excited to meet all the new queers and allies on campus, and read all the lovely new sappho posts!
After living in a place where i was told that being openly queer would probably not being safe, and where I was the first lesbian most people had met me, Yale is the biggest contrast imaginable. By the end of the summer I was fed up of people telling me "no matter how hard you try you'll never be a boy" or "what's wrong with being a girl?" or my personal least favorite "you have a vagina don't you?". So, I was/am excited to be back where my gender presentation is a non issue, and is largely left up to me to decide.

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