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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Unconventional Valentine's Day Celebration

Happy Belated Valentine’s day! Despite the many relationships I’ve been through, I’ve always managed to be single on February 14th. This year was sure to be a huge disappointment, as the New Year started with an epic(ally bad) end to my new relationship.

But, surprise surpise, it wasn’t. In fact, Valentine’s day weekend was probably the best weekend of the entire school year. It was also the first weekend I ever had sex with a girl.

I’m a queer girl who loves making out with girls, sometimes goes on dates with girls, and occasionally falls for them, but gets exceedingly nervous about doing anything beyond that. I'm far more experienced with guys, and at this point men are simple and easy to please, while girls have always seemed more complicated. That perception changed this weekend, rather unexpectedly, when I had a threesome.

Okay, yeah, I understand that threesomes aren’t exactly the usual way to have sex with a girl for the first time (or to have sex, period). But from what I can tell you, they’re a damn good form of initiation. Being with two people (another girl and a guy) who I felt comfortable with, being able to see what turned her on, knowing what she did and he did that turned me on, everything was a learning experience. Going into it already being self-assured about my heterosexuality gave me a self-confidence with my homosexuality that I'd never felt before. And now that I have finally had lesbian sex, well, wow. My rating on the Kinsey scale has definitely slipped up a notch.

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