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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wish GoodCrush was what it used to be? Wish it were more queer?

If so, you're in luck!  Sappho has just created "Sappho BetterCrush" like goodcrush... only better.

Check it out and start anonymously posting your creeper-ness for everyone to see!



Leah said...

Isn't GoodCrush already queer? You can post m4m/m4f/f4m/f4f. And if you want more options, you're allowed to clarify in your post

Sappho Blog said...

It definitely is, we're just trying to have as many venues as possible for people to participate in Sappho. Excitement about Sappho seems to have dropped rather dramatically and we'd like to provide as many routes as possible to foster community and involvement. This idea could be a bust or it could be awesome--it really is something that's going to turn into whatever you guy make it! :)