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Monday, February 14, 2011

Vibrators Don't Buy You Roses for Valentine's Day

But hot damn, they are good.

And what better day to focus on the little purple sparkly things than Valentine’s? Vibrators are wonderful, cool friends who I am sure many of you lady queers have met before (although there are probs some babygay novices out there, too, Google=mass of info babygays).

Anyway, ladies, this is my question: Whether tied down, polyamorous, ridin’ solo (and gahh, this day tries to divide us into those categories – FIGHT IT QUEERS, WE HATE LABELS) …

How do you “love yourself”?

What’s your favorite music to blast in the background, covering that bzzz noise? Do you bring out your friend multiple times a day, once a month? Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever masturbated?

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, all! And if your answers to my previous questions are lame, what day is better to change them? ;) I hope that you go out and find love queers, whether with that beautiful significant other or your similarly beautiful self!


Anonymous said...

Ah yes. I like a mirror and like to look at myself.

I like to put on a nice dress and pin myself against the wall while fantasizing about an incredibly toppy woman coming after me.

I like trashy pop music.

During the holidays, my buzzing purple friend and I visit about twice a day. During a normal work week, I'm usually to exhausted to love myself.

At a party at my high school bestie's house, I snuck off and wiggled on the floor of her parents' gorgeous master bathroom. I'm soooo lucky that everyone else was too drunk to come looking for me.

And now time to make this post anonymous.

Myleene said...

Why make yourself anonymous? you wouldn't have been annonymous if someone had come in the bathroom!!! Don't you find the danger really adds to the excitement? Mirror mirror on the wall who is the trashiest of them all? Answer = Anonymous