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Thursday, March 25, 2010

1 of da guyz.

Since I came to Yale, I've noticed the amount of straight male friends I have has rapidly increased.

Strange, right? I know, I wasn't expecting it either. Even so, I'm happy to be able to bond with people who also like women but who are not also women. It's what I called "not-into-males bonding."

I realize that sexuality and gender don't work so simply, and the fact that a lovely lady may enjoy other lovely ladies doesn't mean that she wants to crack open a beer and then watch a football game. Sometimes I do, however, like being decidedly unfeminine. Maybe it my mom making me wear all pink when I was a baby. Or perhaps some deep seated Freudian penis envy. But few things please me more than cursing inappropriately, threatening to "punch people in the dick" as they say, and sitting around with my legs wide open. Except when I'm wearing a skirt because then I hafta look cute.

There's been a few slips of the tongue that may show what side I identify more with, at least in terms of sexuality. Once, while watching television with my friends, a Justin Bieber video came on. We discussed the fact that he would make such an adorable lesbian. I, forgetting that I was in a "mixed-group" of people (I wasn't out to everyone in the room) and perhaps a few other things, said "If I were a girl, I wouldn't think he was attractive." Only my friend sitting right next to me who knows of my orientation heard, and she guffawed, drawing attention to
a. Us, from everyone in the room, who wanted to know what was so funny.
b. what I just said, to me. My face flushed redder that a firetruck, or Justin Bieber's lips.

Why certain things are considered unfeminine is strange, and I would rather disagree with the concept itself but that's something for a WGSS major to harp about. I honestly just wanna rap Biggie and 'chill with the guys' or something.

I find that a lot of "not-into-males" bonding focuses on discussing women. Predictable, yes, but it is quite a lot of fun. When 'chillin' with one of my 'bros' and looking for something to do, my friend jumped up and squealed "Oh, wait! I forgot I could do this with you!" while rushing to his computer. It was cute.

I tried to create another moment of this special type of bonding the other night, with two of my bros.

"Let's talk about porn," I proffered.
"Oh, I don't really watch it."
"Me neither." The third person.
"I don't either, actually." I realized.

And then we watched the game. But if I were hanging out with girls, we would have watched America's Next Top Model instead. Obviously.


wakefield said...

as someone who's living with three of her "bro's" next year, i can totally understand where you're coming from haha. thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Haha I so could have written this. Glad to know there are more like me out there.