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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This post will undoubtedly scare my girlfriend

So I know marraige is not something one everyone's radar...especially in college...and maybe ever. Some people argue it's a horrible institution that perpetuates heteronormative power dynamics. Much of the queer community however continues to fight for same-sex marraige as an equal right--no matter whether or not it is a worthy institution.

I personally look forward to getting married, whether to a man or a woman. And I of course want it to be easy either way. I grew up imagining my wedding as being married to a groom. That's all I grew up knowing as possible. When I realized the possibility that I may very well want to spend the rest of my life with a woman, I started day dreaming about what my wedding would look like. Would we both wear gowns? Would she wear a suit? Would we have only bridesmaids--or men in the wedding as well?

I love daydreaming about my wedding--and this new online magazine has made it even more exciting to daydream about same-sex weddings. :) It's called "Equally Wed Magazine."


Read about engagement stories, weddings, honeymoons, fashion/style, and all other kinds of fun things. :)

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