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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I love Grey's

I love Grey's Anatomy. I know, its terrible. I should spend my time watching things like Lost, or something...I don't know. Anyway, I love Grey's, especially now that Callie and Arizona are the show's best couple. They could have made that shower scene a little hotter/longer, but its ABC, so what do you expect.

Grey's is a Thursday night ritual for me. Back when I lived in a suite, it would be one of the only times I saw all the girls in my suite. I mean, I watch TV constantly. But on Thursday nights at 9 I would shot GREY'S IS ON, and suddenly the people would appear. We would chat during commercial breaks about the absurdity of the show and all the fun drama of our own lives.

One Thursday, while I was sitting on the bus waiting to leave practice I got a text from one of my suitemates, "two words: Grey's Anatomy. It's time for some crying". I don't always cry during Grey's. Sometimes I shout, and sometimes I laugh, and sometimes I shake my head and actively judge fictional characters. But sometimes I cry. Grey's has a nasty habit of killing children. That makes me cry.

Grey's is like an hour of therapy for the whole country. Let it all out! Ah shucks. Literally as I type this a woman is committing physician-assisted suicide which is a real provision in Washington and Oregon. Who knew? Oh the tears. *pause* callzona moment. I swear to God Grey's if you ruin Callie and Arizona I will destroy you! Jesus, can no one on this show be happy?

Anyhow, for all of its flaws, Grey's is also one of the most gay-friendly shows on network tv. In addition to Callie and Arizona, and the short lived Callie and Erica before them, there have also been a number of cute gay couples in the hospital. Not that you want to see people in the hospital, but the existence of characters is always good.

alright. private practice is now on and that is just toooooo much soap opera for me.



Franka Pye said...

hhahahahahhahah i was watching the same thing....i am worried about the collzona situation....

btw, private practice was indeed extra dramatic...

Virtù said...

I adore Grey's as well

Franka Pye said...

ohhhh and on private practice addison was wearing a yale sweatshirt.....randomly