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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some slang for you to throw around during Gaypril

I actually haven't heard of a lot of these, so this was wildly entertaining for me in class today. The only (funny) lesbian slang I really know of is "u-hauling"...and I thought there had to be more than that, right? Well thanks to UrbanDictionary.com, I have some wonderful slang terms for you.

lesbeaux: (n) a gay guy that loves hanging out with lesbians and/or identifies with lesbians. (i.e, Stevieee)

lesbro: (n); 1) a straight guy that loves hanging out with lesbians; the male equivalent of "fag hag." 2) a masculine lesbian that likes to "bro out" with her male friends or other masculine lesbians.

spaghetti girl: (n) a girl that is straight... until you get her wet ;)

Silver Star Lesbian: (n) a woman who has only had sexual intercourse with one man in her life (in this experience she either discovered or confirmed that she was indeed a lesbian)

lesbosaurus: (n) a very, very old lesbian

barsexual: (n) a girl that makes out with girls only at bars, usually for the attention of men

safaux/safauxsexual: (n) a girl that that says that she is bisexual or gay for the attention or because she thinks that it's "trendy"

Gay-OK: (adj) when a straight person is queer-friendly

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