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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ask me about being a ... at yale!

[So - rambling, in between bulldog days/papers post.]

Ah. Self-labeling. For a long time I've been cool with everyone knowing that I love women, I even throw the word lesbian around casually though I honestly cringe a little inside sometimes when I say it. (Such an ugly word!) But. The stickers at the mixer tonight were cray cray! They were rainbow, with white letters: "Ask me about being a .. at yale!" With lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, and ally. I'm not sure how I feel about it. (All respect to the Sappho heads! Just thoughts.) I feel like it's always this unspoken thing, how exactly you identify, and while most people know that I'm not bi, I have never had a written admonition to being gay/queer at all, let alone lesbian. I didn't want to take the queer sticker, bc I don't identify as queer (it's like dyke - I get why people like it, I feel bleh); I kinda liked the gay one but I felt like it was for gay men. Like since the lesbian sticker was there it would be wrong to take another. I also kind of want to be proud to be who I am specifically - a lesb. And like I said, I've never flat out had it in writing before. I've never told someone over the computer, I've never put it on facebook. So I took one. Made a statement. Now I have my sticker. yeah. Feel free to ask me about being a lesbian at yale.

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Yoshi said...

I usually take the gay sticker. It sounds more normal.