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Friday, April 16, 2010


So, I'm following the National Organization for Marriage on tumblr.

That's right, NOM has found a niche within the blogging sphere previously limited to, um, anything but conservative gay marriage haters. I must say, it's fun to see their posts about protecting the sanctity of marriage in the midst of my dashboard filled with internet memes and nude women.

However, it does provide a source of news for me in terms of gay rights and marriage equality outside of the United States. For example, did you know that Italy's highest court recently rejected same-sex marriage? Or that the Karl Lagerfeld spoke out against gay parents? He's a fashion designer, by the way. Way to lose half of your fan-base, Karl.

I wonder how many earnest followers NOM has. I mean, I'm sure there are some genuine people who appreciate that tumblr, but hopefully there will always be those like me who reblogs every post with anger and snark.

In case anyone wants to look at the website, it's http://nationformarriage.tumblr.com/

Have fun, kids!


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Anonymous said...

a storm is coming!