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Friday, April 2, 2010

More feminist rants

So I'm going to piggy back on what Sugah Bush just said. I agree that those kind of jokes are super irritating and whats even more annoying is that if you try and point out how stupid they sound, you're automatically a humorless feminist (oh no!). grr.
Anyway, what I was originally going to write about is on a kind of similar feminist-but-not-particularly-gay topic: sexual double standard. The other day my friends and I were talking about our hook ups from the weekend and general sex lives. We ended the conversation talking about how well one of the boys does, having a new hookup every weekend. Literally five minutes later, we ran into a girl we all know who someone described (as soon as she was our of earshot) as "a bit crazy, kind of a nympho...I mean she hooks up with a new guy every week". Wait, what?
Apparently, what is successful for a guy makes you a slut if your a girl. again grrr. I feel like this double standard is especially applicable to us bi's. I mean, a lot of people hear bi and instantly think slutty. I'm not necessarily a "slut" - i just happen to like girls and guys also - and if i were that's not a reason to judge. Can we let everyone organize their sex lives themselves, without making a huge deal about the gender or number of their partners or what kind of sex they enjoy?
I don't understand the whole bi=slut thing...especially for straight guys. Look I know that some girls do it for attention, but that doesn't mean that when I'm making out with a girl at a party that you can come up and grind on us. I'm busy, ok?
anyway that's my rant for the day. on a lighter note: go to http://www.fox.com/glee/and watch Sue's corner. haha. and Glee is coming back April 13th, I'm so excited!!


Ryan said...

here, here!

Anonymous said...

I'd be careful saying anyone is claiming bisexuality just for attention. Rather, I guess I'd just be careful making any judgements about someone else's sexuality...