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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bad Romance

I figure since I'm posting the day before Bad Romance happens I'd take this opportunity to advertise and explain how awesome it's been to be a part of. Just a heads up, if you still don't have tickets, there a few still available for the saturday 11pm show at yaledramacoalition.org/bad_romance get em while they're hot.

Anyway, what's so special about Bad Romance? It's the fabulous dancing and performing; It's the hilarity; It's the unbelievable sexiness, but mostly it's the wonderful time I've proving every rehearsal that gender is a performance. I think about my gender presentation all the time, how what I wear affects how people see me, how I should do my hair. But nowhere is it more apparent how superficial gender is than when bearded men wear dresses and turn you on and when the only thing making you read someone as a man or a woman is a feather boa or a baseball cap.

I've done some drag before Bad Romance, but I'd never put so much effort into my drag, and I've learned a lot in the process, not just new ways to put on a beard, but also different ways to present and different things to do on stage. I can't wait until this weekend to perform, and I'll miss it when it's over. It's been a great ride Bad Romance, hope I can show you to most of Sappho.


Franka Pye said...

sooo excited!

Bowser said...

also, i just realized (again) that we still have another day of dress rehearsal. (thank god.)