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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last week of classes!

Oh man. Was it rough for me. I had a test and a draft for a paper due on the same day. Which doesn't sound so bad, but perhaps it would have been more manageable if I didn't get both pinkeye and a sinus infection. Gross, right? I know, I'm living with it. So basically my entire head is infected. I don't even wanna touch myself (erotically or otherwise).

So this week also sums up the closing of my freshman year, which was the first year of me being very, very out.

It was partially by accident. I mean, I'm not the type of person that likes being particularly explicit (even though I think Yale has helped me look incredibly dyke-y recently). If asked I will tell, but who I like to fuck does not often come up in conversation often. Especially in high school. And whenever it did, it was sort of awkward because I was sort of awkward, but not it a "haha" way but in a "I hate this place but I haven't realized it yet" awkward.

But here, I promised myself that I wouldn't lie to anyone. Also, I got drunk a few times. Whatever. So whereas in high school if someone would say to me "Yo that guy over there is ~s0 hAwT~" I would probably make a face like :| and not say anything.

In college, a liquor loosening my tongue, I'd politely say to the person that no, I don't think that guy over there is attractive, nor most other ones. And this was why I considered myself a LESBIAN!

And the other person wouldn't care, like I expected, and then we'd continue on with life. So now I just have to do this for people at home (where everyone would just say that they knew anyway)!

I'm sure I have a lot more 'growing' as a queer woman to do, and I'm ready for it. Coming out is only one part of the journey. Now i just need to survive the rest of my life, or at least finals.

Happy reading week, everyone!

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