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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Gay is England?

Quick post.

I am quickly getting very sad about graduating. I think I need three more senior years. Finally I have families of friends. Finally I've figured out that grades don't matter. Finally I am doing all the things I should have done long ago. Finally I am happy.

I think a big component of my happiness comes from how content I am having finally figured out that I'm queer. The queer community at Yale is so amazing, and there are so many beautiful queer girls here that I spend most of my time drooling. Truth be told - I don't want to leave.

Not at all.

For the next two years, I'm going to be living in the English countryside. I'm going to be a chemistry/biology teacher at a coed boarding school, and I'm psyched. But I'm also worried.

I want to be out. I want to date fierce ladies that I find playing rugby in the gorgeous countryside. What do any of you know about gay girls in England? What is gay girl culture like? How ok is it to be out? Am I going to find gay girls in the countryside? Will I find them in London?

Help me, Sappho. Tell me your thoughts.



K said...

I absolutely love your post. I wish I could tell you something about gay culture in England, but I don't know anything about it. All I can say is thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. And you're such a wonderful person that I'm sure you're bound to find new families of friends :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about english gay culture for people our age but I have a 30 something gay cousin there who just moved in with her partner, and I know she has a whole gay posse and people seem really accepting of her (and her pretty dykey presentation). Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

So I am currently abroad in England. Honestly the scene is fairly small. There are only a few bars that expressly cater to lesbians. Candy Bar and First Out on Friday nights are my favorites. Heaven is not bad and the Royal Vaxhall Tavern has more of a mixed crew. People are really chill about your sexuality gay is okay over here. Met some pretty sweet people playing rugby and they are absolutely awesome. If you are into sports I really suggest it. Any questions... ask someone at yale who this is and they will tell you.