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Monday, April 5, 2010

My world is getting gayer. And I love it.

So one of my friends told me today she thinks she's going to try dating girls and I am soo happy for her! It is the cutest thing ever, she was smiling and just seemed so content with her decision to figure out the identity she has been unsure of for awhile. She is just one of many questioning people.. I feel like there is a restlessness around me -- many of the freshmen in my pretty straight (so far) college have either started to come out, are giving more openly gay vibes, or have just started to question more seriously their sexuality. I guess everyone always talks about sophomore surprises, and they seem to be starting off. It's weird because it's bittersweet. Part of me is excited - yay more gay girls, more gay guy friends, more people accepting themselves! Part of me is also a little hesitant to rejoice - worried about all the confusing emotions my friends are going to be going through, having to deal with all this stuff without the burst in the beginning of the year of coming out resources. Although at the same time, they have a bunch of girls who came before them who they know in their own class who they can turn to. I hope people will as time goes on feel safe enough to be open about who they are - it's so much better to be out! So free. aand, it makes my college so much less futile. It's great, almost all of the people I know now are gay/bi/ish/queer-friendly. It's going to make Gotham runs a lot more fun.!

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