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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I might be more of a Top than I thought? I'm ascared.

Beautiful ladies!

I have been so MIA--so sorry for that.

Glad to hear Chip is doing well, TheCuteOne! :)

I won't give too many details about my sex life...but I will say that I have very much enjoyed sex in a way that I didn't know I could. I LOVE TOPPING. No...like...really. And this scarres me a little. I've always identified as more of a bottom...powerbottom to make myself feel a little more in control...but I really love topping my girlfriend. I think a mixed relationship is healthy and I'm coming to accept my inner-dominant side that I haven't really shown to many people. But it's a little scary for me! I feel like I shouldn't be so...dominant. I don't know...but I LOVE it. Eeeee.
Okay maybe that was too much detail. CuteOne, you started it! :)

My exboyfriend texted me today and told me he's going to come out to his parents. I'm so nervous for him. His parents are very homophobic. They will probably blame it on my influence on their son, haha. Just how my parents blamed my "struggles" on his influence on me.
Oh, parents. Oh, that unfortunate and misdirected generation.

When you read this/if you make it to this line--please say a little prayer/hope for the best for my exbf and his parents. It's going to be rough if he goes through with it.

YAY END OF TERM. BOO EXAMS! YAY CHIP (and all additions to the bedroom that will inevitably destress us!)


TheCuteOne said...

Get it!!! I'm super glad you're enjoying being on top - way to be fluid and try it and dominate in bed. I support you :) Have funnnnnnn!

And I'm also so glad that everyone is as excited about Chip as I am! Only less intimately... haha.

sweet-tea said...

I would tell you the name of ours...but I have been prohibited from sharing. Hmph.

Virtù said...

Hhahaha it makes me happy that you're enjoying being a top so much :)

Anonymous said...